Rise of the Guardians

Release Date 30 Nov 2012 TBA

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Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure

RISE OF THE GUARDIANS is an epic adventure that tells the story of a group of heroes – each with extraordinary abilities. When an evil spirit known as Pitch lays down the gauntlet to take over the world, the immortal Guardians must join forces for the first time to protect the hopes, beliefs and imagination of children all over the world.

Isla Fisher | Hugh Jackman | Jude Law | Chris Pine | Alec Baldwin

David Lindsay-Abaire | William Joyce

Christina Steinberg | Nancy Bernstein

Peter Ramsey

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Directed by Peter Ramsey. Starring the voices of Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin, Chris Pine, Isla Fisher, Jude Law, Dakota Goyo, Khamani Griffin, Kamil McFadden.
THE PLOT: When that dastardly swine Pitch (voiced by Jude Law) decides to paint our humble little planet black (all the better for kiddies to have nightmares, you see), it’s going to take more than one supercuddly superhero to save our sleeps. To be precise, it’s going to take five supercuddly superheroes – namely North, aka Santa Claus (Baldwin), E. Aster Bunnymund, aka the Easter Bunny (Jackman), Tooth, aka the Tooth Fairy (Fisher), and reluctant young upstart Jack Frost (Pine). But, will this unlikely crew pull together and get it together in time for our golden slumbers…?
THE VERDICT: For a very short while there, this big, shiny DreamWorks Animation offering was starting to look like the movie to beat at next February’s Oscars. Back in early October, The Hollywood Reporter basically said as much, with a headline that screamed Rise Of The Guardians Unveiled, Rises To Top Tier Of Animated Contenders. And then the movie actually came out. To decent if not quite spectacular reviews. And, in the US, to decent if not quite spectacular box-office.
So, now that your expectations have been lowered a tad, you may actually enjoy this Avengers-for-kiddies fireworks display. For me, it’s another beautiful, busy movie overcooked by DreamWorks. All in yawn-o-rama 3D, of course.

Review by P Byrne


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    Rise of the Guardians was an odd kind of hit-and-miss film for DreamWorks. Critics seemed to really enjoy it, but it fell short on generating revenue at the theatres. Though to be fair, it probably made a bunch from merchandise and home release sales. So which side did it fall on? Happily, the good side. The story is a sort of "all Holiday seasons" sort that brings together the full list for a fast-paced action adventure. Jack Frost (Chris Pine) is called by The Guardians, a group whose aim is to keep children's belief in them alive so they can fight off danger. Santa Claus (Alec Baldwin) needs a new member, but Frost is unknown to kids and looked down upon by the others. He doesn't see the point in being with them but reluctantly, joins up. And not a moment too soon, as the Boogieman or "Pitch Black" (Jude Law) sets out to control the world once again through fear and darkness. The Guardians are in more danger than ever before, so it is up to Jack Frost to aid their fight, while discovering who he really is along the way. So a very simple story at heart, and very like The Avengers too in that it has the band of slight-misfits who must work together if they are to save the world. The rest of the crew includes The Sandman, The Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman) and the Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher), each with their own unique powers and personalities. And it is the personalities that turn what could have been a rather straight-forward flick into something much better. Each is just wonderfully well designed and thought out in a way you haven't seen before. Ever wanted to see a giant Russian Santa who fights with twin swords and has a bad-ass sleigh? Your prayers have been answered my friend. But to come back to that point, everything from their worlds to how they teleport around has a great level of depth to it, and makes for some really enjoyable animation. The voice work is of a very high calibre all round too, especially Jude Law and Hugh Jackman. There's some fun comedic writing to be heard along with the characters just arguing with each other that makes their relationships much more believable. The action sequences keep the pace running fast and gives you something new to look at all the time. But thankfully not in a story-padding kind of way. I feel sad that I could only see this on DVD, because this is something that would shimmer on Blu Ray for sure. Jack Frost gets the focus of the personal moments and story arc, and although it works fine, there's not a huge amount else to really think about in here. Another problem is that "What the Fuck???" moment at the end in the credits, where it sounds like Les Mis was recording right next to their studio and completely drowned out the song they intended to have. It. Is. Dreadful. But, that aside, as an all-out action hero movie for kids, this took me vastly by surprise. They sell you on the characters and the world completely, and the script is just a joy to hear the actors perform. Rise of the Guardians deserves a little bit more applause for what it achieved then what it initially got, and I'll give it an (8.5/10) Throw that copy of Hop in the bin this Easter, and watch the Easter Bunny in this instead. This is how Holiday-themed films are done right. ---nkWhiteStar---

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    Not up to the level of a lot of Dreamwork movies but still a great Christmassy watch for all the family

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    Absolutely loved it! The characters are well defined with a new twist to their well-known personas. They had depth with unique personalities which really set the tone for the movie. They weren’t sickly sweet or annoying, which was a refreshing change. The story itself was quite moving and fitting. I think this shall be added to my Christmas movie collection.

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    Great family film, for all ages.

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    I found the movie to be equally moving and evoked emotions about the holidays and that I hadn't felt since I was a child. This may seem like a simple children's movie, but it is so much more than that if you really allow yourself to feel the characters

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    Visually stunning film which will entertain kids and parents alike. Jack Frost is the reluctant hero who finds himself in the course of the adventure. There are some scary moments and the film delves a little bit deeper than most mainstream cartoons, has plenty of genuinely funny moments too. Santa is a big buff Russian guy with tattoos and the rest of the guardians are like you've never seen them before. This is the Christmas movie to watch.

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    Marty hanratty

    Given the childhood-centric plot, Rise of the Guardians is going to be underwhelming for older moviegoers hoping for an especially unique animated film experience. However, while the project relies heavily on very standard plot developments, the lively and entertaining characters, coupled with a rich art style, definitely expand the film’s appeal and onscreen value. Rise of the Guardians isn’t as memorable as some of its contemporaries, and the overarching message will be hard to translate for non-believing adults, but the film still offers a worthwhile dose of harmless fun and worthwhile heart.

    • Currently 3/5 Stars.

    Al Coe

    Seen this at preview in Savoy on Sunday enjoyed it and animation looked good,Dont think small kids will love it (under 6) as isnt enough going on to hold their attention or enough funny stuff but kids over six will get a kick out of it and enjoy it,Nice movie to see over the Xmas.

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    Really really enjoyable the kids just loved. Nice story line all the way through, while not my favorite Dreamworks animation to date. Go and see it your children will not be disappointed

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    Nice movie especially for this time of the year. Kids will love it. Some very funny moments. Thought the 3D was very good too and really added to the film. Definitely worth a look.

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    Plenty of laughs, and a good story. Some pretty cool 3D at times too. Great festive flick, and one that both kids and adults will enjoy!

    • Currently 4/5 Stars.


    Lovely cute story, plenty of laughs and pretty good 3-d. The characters are very likable and this will be a big hit with big and small children :-)