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  • enigmab17

    Excellent VLog, thanks for that Mr Jackson & for posting it.
    And with this returns probably one of if not my fav film series of all times, and probably my fav book of all time.

    Can't wait for the film, it's going to be epic!

    p.s. I will gladly kill Twist to get onto that set! I'll be an Orc that gets butchered hidiously :D

  • Carrolli

    Very Cool, Cant wait for this one.

  • enigmab17

    p.s. when are we getting a second one of these does anyone know?
    I am suffering severe "Lack of Hobbit information" withdrawl symptoms lol

    On a more interesting note was reading a blog PJ did which stated that they were going to be filming for something like 235 days for the 2 films...considering the Lord of the Rings was just over that these films are going to be Epic! All I have to say is FU James Cameron The Hobbitt > Avatar!

  • alanhorkan

    Wow, I'm amazed at how much they show. Jackson clearly puts in the extra effort to please the fans.

    Also horrified to see James Nesbitt will be in this, hamming it up no doubt.

  • AbinCooper

    I may have to read the book before watching the movie to be honest. I tried to read The Lord Of The rings" after the movies....and I just kept seeing Elijah Wood and the other actors in my head.

  • AbinCooper

    Not in the story, just in my head.

  • alanhorkan

    The related features box points to part 3 but and various production still but doesn't provide a helpful link to part 2 and the site search tool isn't working for me either (so I used good instead). Anyhow, here are links to parts 2 and 3 for anyone else who wants them: news/Peter_Jackson_Releases_Second_Video_Diary_from_the_Set_of_THE_HOBBIT news/THE_HOBBIT__Peter_Jacksons_Production_Diary_Part_3

  • Massman

    ..I can't overstate how much I'm looking forward to seeing this! Looks like such a fun production to work on.

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