WORLD WAR Z – Music Video

Articles | 06 Jun 2013 | 5 comments
New footage from Brad Pitt’s zombie apocalypse flick set to Muse’s 'Isolated System,' a track reminiscent of Mike Oldfield's masterpiece 'Tubular Bells.’

Ryan Wars - Ryan Reynolds Vs Ryan Gosling

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Which Ryan do we love the most? Help us decide...

Movie Wars Remakes

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Remakes, reworks or rehash? Movies.ie asks you what you think of the Hollywood remake trend...

Movie Wars Mr Sinsister vs Sebastian Shaw

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With Kevin Bacon confirmed for X-Men: First Class, Movies.ie looks at what villain should take the Bacon...

Movie Wars Who should play the next HULK

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Movie Wars Doctor Who

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With the recent rumours of a potential Doctor Who film, Movies.ie looks at who should play the infamous last child of Gallifrey?

Movie Wars Woody Allen Versus Larry David

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As Whatever Works hits Irish cinemas, we pit the two New Yorkers against each other...

Movie Wars Greenberg versus Napoleon Dynamite

Articles | 16 Jun 2010 | 4 comments
It's a battle of the indie comedies this week, as we look at Greenberg versus Napoleon Dynamite

Movie Wars The Hobbit director

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This week's Movies Wars pits five potential helmers to head to Middle Earth - Peter Jackson take note!

Movie Wars Shrek 4 versus Toy Story 3

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It's a battle of the cartoon heavyweights as we pit Shrek 4 against Toy Story 3

Movie Wars Mandy versus Miley

Articles | 19 May 2010 | 11 comments
It's a battle of the tween queens this week as we pit Miley Cyrus versus Mandy Moore

Movie Wars Planes versus Volcanoes

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It's a battle of planes versus volcanoes movies in our latest movie wars!

Movie Wars Zac Efron V Miley Cyrus

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This week Movie Wars battles Disney's rising stars; it's Zac Efron V Miley Cyrus!