Vote On The Best Movie of 2011

Articles | 22 Nov 2011 | 18 comments
It's election time here at Movies.ie, We're looking for your VOTES to build our shortlist for the best movies of 2011

Poll - Will Eddie Murphy make a good host at The Oscars?

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Poll Toy Story 4 Good idea or Bad idea

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Comic Book Movies 2011 Poll

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Best In Show a JeanPierre Jeunet poll

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As Movies.ie prepares for the release of Micmacs, we're asking you, what has been Jean-Pierre Jeunet's finest directorial hour?

Poll Predict the 2010 Academy Awards

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We want YOUR opinions - who do you think will win at the 2010 Oscars?

Poll Most anticipated movie of 2010

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With so many sequels, reboots, remakes and final installments in the works, Movies.ie is asking YOU - what is your most anticpated movie in 2010?

Poll Who should play Spiderman in the 2012 reboot

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2009 Movie Poll Results Your favourite films revealed

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Vote Favourite Movie of 2009

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Poll The new 3D just a fad

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VOTE Most Anticipated JDIFF Flick

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With just days till this year's Jameson International Film Festival, Movies.ie asks - what is your number one flick to see at this year's festival?