Win Mel Gibsons Beaver Puppet

Competitions | 23 Jun 2011 | 7 comments

Ever wanted to look like Mel Gibson? Well, now's your chance...

To look like Mel Gibson in Braveheart, just put on a Kilt.
To look like Mel Gibson in Maverick, put on a cowboy hat... 
To look like Mel Gibson in The Beaver, enter our latest competition... 

Mel Gibson plays a depressed man who starts to wear a beaver puppet on his hand as a form of therapy, much to the initial bemusement of his family. Foster plays his wife and Anton Yelchin also stars. It's the first film that Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson have worked on since Maverick.



To be in with a chance of winning a Beaver puppet just answer the following easy question.
Q: Who is the director of "The Beaver"?
Justin Bieber Gay

THE BEAVER is now showing in Irish cinemas



  • ssconnolly

    AWESOME. Now I can ask people on the bus if they want to see my beaver without getting arrested.

  • Chad

    Awesome. Now I can agree to seeing people's beavers on the bus without seeming weird!

  • nuttyboy7

    Bit of a random comp, I entered to see if I can freak my little cousins out, not so filthy..

  • clivebb

    My children would get great entertainment of of this.


    Here are the winners of The Beaver prize...

    Chad Kinsella
    Co. Wicklow

    Claire Nolan
    Dublin 8

    Clive Bower
    Dublin 4

    Kevin Shields
    Dublin 15

    Owen Molloy
    Co. Galway

    Your prize is being posted out today, enjoy!

  • clivebb

    Thank you so much nice people of and
    I was wondering what my wife had gone and ordered, when to my delight a beaver appeared.
    great fun really, much apprechiated.

  • Chad

    Got mine in the post the other (haven't been able to get online this week, so sorry for the delay) but cheers guys, it is awesome!

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