Poll - Will Eddie Murphy make a good host at The Oscars?

Articles | 08 Sep 2011 | 9 comments

Vote in our poll, what are your thoughts on the announcement of Eddie Murphy for the 2012 Academy Awards?


  • ssconnolly

    I went for the can't be worse than Franco and Hathaway option. The reason being though I'm not entirely convinced he is funny enough any more he was a great stand-up back in the day and maybe lately hes just been the victim of poor scriptwriting. Maybe.

  • WildRose86

    Oh Hugh Jackman, all is forgiven!

  • masonica

    I'd like to think he still has the juice to make this a fun show. Shame I won't be watching them as the Oscars are woefully irrelevant. Case in point: Tron Legacy not even getting a nom for FX and Score.

  • clivebb

    Simple answer :


    Sounds good to me. Still like Murphy.

  • blade803

    I think he'll be a good host, Murphy can still be very funny.

  • Ellegibbons

    Nah he's no longer funny

  • Mr_Twist

    only if he isnt there but voices Donkey to host the oscars

  • blade803


    Quoted text by Ellegibbons

    Nah he's no longer funny



    I dunno he looks to be back on form in Tower Heist.

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