2010 Movie Quiz How much do you know about the years cinema

Articles | 25 Dec 2010 | 14 comments

Try your luck in our end of year quiz...

Why not cure your Christmas hangover with our end of year movie quiz... we've gone back to January and come up with a mixture of easy and tough questions. Let us know how you get on below. 

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  • pkinsella

    72% Im happy enough with that as I didnt get a chance to see as many films as I wanted to this year.

  • ssconnolly

    94%. One wrong. It was the wardrobe budget one. I had Tron selected, then thought those old leatherly twats from Sex and the City 2 would have spent more on costume to cover up their repulsive bodies. Looking back I shouldn't have changed answer. That was silly. But hey I'm still happy with my score.

  • masonica

    88% very pleased with that. The costume budget one makes sense but still I got it wrong. Really enjoyed the quiz even though feeling the Xmas hangover.

  • TheSpecs

    Except I think some of the answers in mine were messed up... Like it said Hiccup was the answer but it was actually toothless. :(

  • tetsujin1979

    91% I'm happy with that.

  • TheBoy II

    81% - Was all the movies I didn't see that I got wrong. Still a nice high B

  • JasperCalmsMe

    100% can't believe it!! I guessed quite a few!!

  • Dr_Faulk


    For a year in which I only saw Tron Legacy, I'm quite impressed.

    Hopefully I can get back into the movie-swing-of-things in 2011.

  • WildRose86

    94%.... I need a life.

  • moviemaniac

    94%. Got thrown by the wardrobe question and the one about the lead single from Kick-Ass. But hey I'm happy with my result, i guess I've been paying good attention this year and all my hard work and excellent attendance has paid off.

  • roganjosh

    Quiz won't work for me!

  • Mr_Twist

    78 % not bad i think

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